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Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an, Es befindet sich in der Shuncheng Lane, etwa 200-Meter westlich von ZhuQueMen Lane, Yogningmen U-Bahn-Ausgang a Metro Line 2.Es ist ungefähr 1000 Meter von Zhonggulou und Huimin Straße entfernt.Sie können direkt zu Huimin Straße, Glocke und Drum Tower, muslimische Kirche, etc. zu Fuß.Es ist ungefähr 1.2km von Xi'an SKP Einkaufsviertel entfernt.U-Bahn-Linie 2 kann direkt zum Nordbahnhof. Das Hotel ist mit Shuttle-Bus-Service ausgestattet, so dass Sie ein Butler-Erlebnis haben können.Der Transport ist bequem. Ungefähr drei Minuten vom Hotel, können Sie zu Xi'an typischen Snack-Straße, wie biangbiangbiang nudeln in der Schauspieler Zhang Jiayi Hitdrama 'Zhuangtai', Huiji Pulversuppe mit Schafsblut, Bangbang Fleisch, lokale alteingesessene Restaurant Lajia, etc.
Das Hotel ist reich an chinesischen Elementen des alten Zen-Stils, Massivholzmöbeln, unabhängigem Teeraum, privatem Garten, lassen Sie die starke historische Atmosphäre der alten Ming-Stadtmauer genießen, lassen Sie einen ruhigen Raum genießen.Mit der perfekten Integration chinesischer Elemente und intelligentem Komfort können Sie ein qualitativ hochwertiges Check-in-Erlebnis haben.
Das Hotel hat Katzen zu spielen, Super-Dekompression.Die erste Etage ist mit Leseecke, Schach- und Kartenspielvorräten und anderen unerwarteten Überraschungen ausgestattet.Es gibt kostenlose Früchte und Snacks in der Halle.Wenn du zurückkommst, wird dir der Hausherr eine Tasse Fruchtgetränk anbieten.Lassen Sie sich entspannen und genießen.Das erstklassige Gartenrestaurant kann den unvergleichlich starken Blickwinkel der antiken Stadt erleben, den Nachtblick im Sommer und die Brise genießen.Im Winter werden im Gartenrestaurant Blumenarrangement und Klößchenmacherei veranstaltet, um den Spaß an Heimwerkern zu erleben.
Keine Anzahlung, keine Warteschlange: Weinliste bietet kostenlose Anzahlung, zehn Sekunden zum Einchecken und null Sekunden zum Auschecken.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Wie weit ist das Hotel vom Xi'an Xianyang International Airport entfernt?

    Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an ist 26.4km vom Flughafen entfernt.

  • Bietet das Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an einen Abholservice?

    Ja, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns nach der Buchung.

  • Wie lauten die Check-in und Check-out Zeiten im Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an?

    Check-in Zeit ist ab 13:00, und Check-out Zeit ist bis 14:00 im Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an.

  • Hat die Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an einen Pool und das Fitnessstudio?

    Nein, das Hotel hat keinen Swimmingpool oder Fitnessraum. Erfahren Sie Einzelheiten zum Pool und anderen Ausstattungen auf dieser Seite.

  • Hat die Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an ein Restaurant vor Ort?

    Ja, Sie können im Hotel essen.

  • Hat das Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an Breitband oder Wifi?

    Ja, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Rezeption.

  • Akzeptiert das Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an eine Vorauszahlung?

    Ja, bitte geben Sie die Bestellung vor der Kontaktaufnahme mit uns ein.

  • Akzeptiert das Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an Kreditkarten?

    Nein, das Hotel akzeptiert keine Kreditkarten.

  • Wieviel kostet der Aufenthalt in der Pusu Jade Boutique Hotel Xi'an?

    Die Preise beginnen bei CNY286, Dies hängt vom Zimmertyp und dem Datum ab.

Bewertungen Mehr
  • amysee
    Next to the bar downstairs, it's very noisy. I can still hear the sound after two o'clock in the evening, so I can't have a good rest at all. It's hard to find the subway station in this street. I have to walk a long way. I feel chaotic
  • e03564307
    Very good, very comfortable
  • TP137
    During the Chinese new year, the hotel has a good location, distinctive decoration and considerate service. We were invited to have new year's Eve dinner together. It feels great to stay out of home!
  • dreamingwings
    Satisfied, very good service
  • leady
    It is clean and hygienic. When it arrives at 1 a.m., the staff on duty are still waiting. There is a night market, hot pot, barbecue and crayfish 200 meters away. There is a city wall at the door. You can walk 1 km to Nancheng building and 8?? 1?? It's also a feature
  • notme
    The environment, location and style are unique. The home stay under the ancient city wall is a very worthwhile journey.
  • aclisa
    Great. Come again next time!
  • tom008385
    The hotel has a great feeling. There are dogs and cats in the Hutong and under the city wall. The environment is very artistic in all aspects. There are red envelopes for the festival, which is a very creative design
  • lucybl
    In addition to the hotel location advantage, his price and service is not consistent with the price! The signal in the room is very bad, only one cell, not even one! Just check in at 12 o'clock and communicate with the front desk. The front desk says it's due to the rain?!?! I want to change the room, the front desk said that there is no suitable one now, if I insist on changing, I will wait at the front desk until at least 2:30?!!!! Bad comment, very bad comment!!!! Is it the level of a business Express Hotel
  • cs123
    We came from Yunnan and booked a room for three days. The room was clean and artistic. Surrounded by the ancient city wall, it's convenient to eat barbecue! The landlord's little sister's service is very friendly and considerate. The room has air conditioning. It's very warm in winter! The boss also organized children's go and chess friendly competitions, which made people feel at home. There were friends from different countries. They chatted together in the evening and played chess with tea. The atmosphere was very good, quiet and cultural! It's a good home stay hotel!
  • manan12
    A particularly good B & B is very friendly. It's like going to a friend's house. The beauty boss upgraded the landscape room, because the opposite door is the ancient city wall, which is very convenient to all scenic spots.
  • dalton
    Very good style, friendly boss
  • limin510129
    I'm very satisfied with the stay, the facilities are available, the service is also very considerate, the house is clean and tidy, the facilities are complete, and the recommended tourist attractions are very satisfied and comfortable.
  • fang75
    I went to Xi'an with my friends at 9 o'clock. I walked around yongxingfang and went to the B & B at 12 o'clock. Originally, I only planned to check in my luggage. The little sister at the front desk directly helped us check in and told us a lot. Breakfast was provided in the morning because I went down late with my friends and my friends didn't want breakfast. I drank a cup of coffee and left. I stayed in the B & B for the first time, I was a little surprised at the scene of everyone getting together to have breakfast early in the morning. I like the washing table in the room. The whole home stay smells of incense. The hygiene didn't give five stars because I found that the quilt was full of faded hair from the staff's clothes when I went to bed at night. Personally, I don't think it's convenient that there is no charging plug beside the bed. We all use it after pulling out the socket of the desk lamp. The practicability of the table is poor, We basically put things on the ground. The bedside table is inclined. We need to find a good position for the mobile phone
  • dragsycl
    We often say that the body and soul must have one on the road. For me who often travel alone, pusuxidu is the best home stay I live in. On the side of the city wall, the store has a strong Shaanxi flavor. Fully reflect and tell customers the charm of this ancient city! Great check-in experience! The landlady is also a beautiful woman who likes traveling. It's great that we can share each other's stories here
  • xdlstc
    That's it. Good. Very good.
  • imp2008
    I like a famous hostel very much. It's very comfortable on the side of the city wall. It's quiet when it's noisy. The boss is very nice. I hope I can stay here again next time
  • caomengxia1
    Facing the city wall, the hotel has a simple and simple style. Although the types of breakfast are not as many as five-star, there are both Chinese and Western food, not flashy. I'm used to going to bed early. At night, someone downstairs plays the piano and sings, which is a little noisy. There are three cats and one dog in the lobby.
  • BobSun
    The plane was late. The hotel that arrived at 1:00 in the middle of the night was just beside the city wall. It had a very small front face, but it felt very comfortable when we went in. There was no TV in the room. However, we were too tired at that time. We just wanted to wash and sleep. We didn't take care of these. We had to go to the terracotta warriors and horses again at 7:00 the next morning. Breakfast had not been completely arranged, but the clerk kindly packed US bags and let us take them away, What I never forget is his orange juice. What brand is the orange juice for breakfast? It's delicious. The boss replied to me when he saw the trouble. There are night snacks around and morning markets in the morning. Living here feels that the people's life in Xi'an is still good
  • Sweet_7
    The environment is very good and hygienic. It's really comfortable without noise. I'll choose again next time
  • ansel
    The room is antique. The children like it very much. The cat downstairs is very domineering
  • ionic_05
    As soon as we arrived, we arranged to check in, introduced the scenic spots nearby, designed the lines for us, and the rooms were well equipped. The rooms were very big and clean. It's convenient to travel. I will choose this hotel next time.
  • Sorayaji footsteps o0 0o
    Coincidentally, when I checked in, it was said that the head of the district came to inspect the store and brought a lot of people. Through my experience and leadership, it proved that the quality of the store was still no problem. Come back next time anyway
  • anapple
    After listening to a friend's recommendation, I chose this B & B hotel. As soon as I came in, I felt a kind of unspeakable warmth. The style of the store is the same as his name, simple, but also has Shaanxi folk customs. It can be said that both refined and popular tastes can be enjoyed. We were going to take a bus to the terracotta warriors, but recently it has cooled down. It's really too cold. There are charter service and one-day tour in the store. We calculated that it's very cost-effective to charter a bus. After all, we can't stand waiting for a bus on the road in such a cold day. It's not easy to take a taxi. There are two lovely little guys in the shop. They like them very much. It's too short to come to Xi'an this time. We'll have a good time with them next time we come to Xi'an!
  • may wong
    The location of the hotel is very good. You can see the city wall from the balcony. The sanitary conditions are very good. There are Jin cake, beef oil cake, steamed stuffed bun, porridge and coffee for breakfast. The service is very good. I recommend it.
  • cxx1983
    Facing the city wall, it's not far from Huimin street
  • leosun850
    The boss was very hospitable and helped us upgrade our room for free. We should have no breakfast, but we can still eat it. It's very good. It is also close to Huimin street and the clock tower. It's very pleasant to chat with the boss in the hall. I'll come again when I have a chance
  • dy166
    It shows that there is no breakfast, but there is actually breakfast. Beef patties and small meat bags are delicious. The decoration is very good, exquisite and humane. The room is large and quiet. It is only 3 meters away from the city wall. It feels great to look at the city wall at night and taste tea. It is also very quiet to sleep at night. I like it very much. Unfortunately, I travel on weekends and have a hurry.
  • cabbage1984
    Breakfast is good, very characteristic, the location of the store is also convenient to travel, the store also has a cat, very lovely, I have to say the clerk is also very friendly, all very good, next time I come to Xi'an still live in this store!
  • aerul
    The first time I came here, I had a very good experience, not only clean and hygienic, the service was in place, the people were very friendly, the room decoration design was great, and the check-in was very smooth and happy. Next time I come over, I'll definitely stay in this hotel, Da Ai.
  • Antonia
    First of all, they are attracted by their characteristic appearance. Generally speaking, it is good and distinctive. We are qualified to receive foreign guests, so more than half of us are crooked nuts when we check in
    As always, come to Xi'an right here
  • lys1965
    The location of the hotel is very good. Walk to yongningmen. Consultation front desk questions enthusiastic reply, recommended Xi'an characteristic snacks and play city wall suggestions. When you enter the hotel, you will have a youthful atmosphere and a local culture, which makes you feel cordial. The only problem is that the temperature of hot water in the hotel is low and the bath is a little cold.
  • d8294
    The environment is very good and the location is also good. It's very close to Yongning gate. It's very quiet under the city wall
  • e01671303
    The location at the foot of the city wall is very convenient. The room is not well maintained. The boss is very good
  • bambooyt
    The hotel is more like an original style guest house. It feels that the cup and toilet are wiped with the same towel. The toilet smells so bad that every time it requires the hotel to deal with it, it is covered with cheap perfume, which results in nausea and nausea. There's nothing to eat for breakfast. What's terrible is that there are cat hair in it??? Decisively didn't eat. Later, I saw the following scene because I accidentally entered the so-called kitchen of the hotel. I'm glad I didn't eat their breakfast.
  • adino1974
    The location is very good. It's quiet in Shuncheng Lane. The attitude of the staff is very good. They are very careful. Breakfast is simple, but it can satisfy the stomach of northerners. What's wrong with breakfast,?? Red shop business is super good, I suggest booking in advance Oh ~ cream is very good
  • bbyjp
    Features, good environment, quiet, good breakfast, very good attitude
  • elvira109
    The decoration of the hotel is very distinctive, the environment is good, the air is fresh, the room is clean, the bed is comfortable and tidy, and I had a good sleep.
  • danielpost
    The home stay is full of original ecological style, which is very distinctive. There was a little misunderstanding with the taxi driver arranged by the hotel, but it was also successfully solved. The housekeeper is a responsible person, which once again confirms that the most important thing in human communication is communication and mutual understanding. Pusu Xidu is my first choice to come to Xi'an. You are also worth having
  • bbleixiaoli
    This home stay is especially suitable for parent-child travel ~ the boss is very good ~ the children like it very much! In short, special warmth! He said he would stay here next time he came to Xi'an!
  • exportfilter
    The service and sanitation were very good, but the hardware wasn't very satisfactory. The sound insulation in the room was very poor. A group of children came and made a lot of noise in the morning. The others were very satisfied.
  • a258896833
    There is a gap with the evaluation. The conditions are average. It's a little noisy at night. It can also be said that the window is not good
  • boxinda
    The hotel is very beautiful, and the waiters are also very considerate to deal with our problems, a perfect stay
  • yanlife
    Location is very convenient, 15 minutes walk to the clock tower, 15 minutes walk to the south gate, breakfast is also very rich, recommend you to stay
  • ceair640186105
    In a quiet alley, back against the city wall, the environment is small and fresh. I like it very much! The service was very friendly, and there were cats. The room was spacious, the appliances were complete, and the breakfast was simple
  • E03261785
    It's very comfortable to live here. The room is very comfortable, hygienic and clean, and the price is acceptable.
  • xuyang47
    The room is very big and comfortable. I'll come again next time. Full praise!
  • roesmary
    The location of the hotel is great and suitable for downtown Xi'an
  • jy01820840
    It's cost-effective to live with old people and children. The transportation is convenient. The nearby transportation is convenient. Great
  • addie1in
    The location of the hotel was very good and the environment was good. I went down late for breakfast and drank rice porridge.
  • junnerr
    The hotel has its own characteristics, and the hotel transportation is still convenient! It's a little extravagant for me to live alone!?? I stayed for two nights due to limited time. I will come to Xi'an when I have the opportunity
  • bluebluemoon
    Originally, I only stayed for one day on business, but I felt too comfortable. I stayed here with my friends for another day! Breakfast was very good, the service was very friendly.
  • danmu
    The boss has upgraded the room for free, and the free breakfast is good. It's more characteristic. The location of the store is also very convenient. This time I'm on a business trip and I only stay for one day. It's said that they will have paper-cut activities next week. If they are free, they will come to play!
  • imavey
    Next to the clock tower, it's very close to the subway station and Huimin street. It's located in a prosperous area. The facilities in the house are very new and clean. My family says I chose it well.
  • snaer
    The room was clean, the location was easy to find, shopping was convenient, and the service attitude was good. Cost effective
  • paiseng
    The room is clean and tidy, spacious and bright, the bedding is also very comfortable, the room decoration is very beautiful, and I am particularly satisfied with living!
  • langyuan1982
    The hotel environment is good, the configuration is complete, the service attitude is good, and the bedroom bed is particularly comfortable. I think it's worth living in this warm and comfortable hotel at this price!!! The front desk was very friendly and enthusiastically recommended many delicious and interesting places, especially good.
  • caliling
    Very friendly. It should be a distinctive Inn, but the room smells and the bathroom is not clean! I don't like it here very much! We had an early flight and prepared breakfast for us! The shop attendant is really good
  • drxingyan
    The decoration is great and the service is very good. Thank you for providing such a comfortable accommodation experience. I will choose it in the future. The hygiene is great, and the quality of towel and bath towel is excellent!
  • ofeng
    Breakfast was good, service attitude was very good. It's just under the wall near the rosefinch gate. There are a lot of food and taverns around. The environment is very good, very quiet. The decoration is very distinctive.
  • Mr. A
    Breakfast is a special snack in Xi'an. The service attitude of the staff is very good. They will do some activities every festival, which adds a bit of warmth and antique decoration. The only drawback is that there is no TV.
  • ceci_83
    The front face is small. It's my first time. B & B, take the literary route, and the washstand is made of wood. I'm a little worried that it will rot over time. The pool is relatively low. There are steps in the room. Be careful. The address is convenient, the service attitude is very good, and you can respond to any request. Breakfast is not buffet, it's beef patties or something. They're all good. In addition, for ordinary people, there is no TV.
  • diguaaitudou
    The service was very considerate and the access was very convenient.
  • e01324565
    It's a very good room. It's very clean and quiet at night. I like it very much. It's worth recommending. I'll stay here next time. The service attitude is really good and the price is not expensive.
  • E01391937
    The address is near ZhuQueMen in the center of the city. The transportation is convenient. It's about 5mins from the subway station. There are large shopping malls, city walls, museums and other attractions around. There are many snacks around. You can walk to Huimin street. Breakfast is something with local characteristics. It's very rich and delicious
  • mimmmmmm
    It's cost-effective. It's very comfortable. I'll stay here next time.
  • lemonflowers
    The room is spacious and bright, clean and tidy. The service attitude of the staff was very good.
  • alfredjason
    A great experience. The transportation is convenient, the house is clean and tidy, and the design is good. You must answer all questions. In short, everything is great.